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Tư vấn sản phẩm - 0986.817.366 Mr.Việt

Tư vấn sản phẩm - 0986.817.366 Mr.Việt

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Chat Zalo - 0986.817.366

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RIG Hiệu chuẩn kiểm tra cell đo lực momen xoắn Mecmesin 432-621

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Mecmesin Anh Quốc

12 tháng

HSX: Mecmesin - Anh Quốc

PN: 432-621

Orbis and Tornado Mk II/Vortex torque cell accuracy check rig

Hotline: 0986.817.366 Mr.Việt

This bench-top unit enables the on-site verification of the calibration status of Orbis MkII, Tornado MkII testers, and static torque sensors rated from 1.5 N.m to 10 N.m. Using dead-weight masses, the kit allows you to quickly decide whether or not adjustment, recalibration or repair is required. The kit does not replace the need for regular professional calibration.

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